Our Victories: 2012-2013
Minor Bantam AA Win Early Bird Tournament
The Humber Valley Sharks Minor Bantam "AA" team started the 2012 season winning the prestigious Richmond Hill Early Bird Tournament. The Sharks won the final game by thumping the Toronto Wolverine's 4-0. Congratulations on a great team effort!! Front Row: Matt Stephens (Goalie) and Sam Jewiss (Goalie). Second Row: Charles DiFiore, Josh Grimes, Ryan Haba, Liam Beaudoin. Third Row: Jake Tweedie, Ilias Milanovic, Jake Zeldin, Mitch Palmer, Cam Robertson, George Kapralos, Tyler Jackman, James Gabura.  Back Row: Coaches – Andrey Haba, Brian Jackman, Trainer - Andrew Gabura, Connor Collett, Coach - Ian Collett, Manager - Brad Beaudoin
Minor Bantam AA Win the Montreal Youth Fall Classic
The Humber Valley Sharks Minor Bantam "AA" team continued their successful 2012/13 season winning the Montreal Youth Fall Classic in Quebec against teams that were Bantam age (mixture of 98 and 99's). They learned how to play against a stronger and faster opponent winning the final game against Phoenix du Richelieu 6 to 5. The boys played amazing against tremendous adversity and experienced what it's like to win with class!
Front Row: Andrey Haba (Coach), George Kapralos, Ilias Milanovic, Sam Jewiss, Matt Stephens, James Gabura, Liam Beaudoin Second Row: Mitch Palmer, Ryan Haba, Jake Zeldin, Tyler Jackman, Connor Collett, Charles DiFiore, Marko Andjelkovic, Josh Grimes, Cam Robertson, Jake Tweedie, Brian Jackman (Ast. Coach) Back Row: Ian Collett (Ast. Coach), Brad Beaudoin (Manager), Andrew Gabura (Trainer)
Novice White SELECTS win Faustina Tournament!
The Humber Valley Novice White Selects won the game against the Duffield Devils 5-2 to get to the final.  In the championship game, they won 2-1 against Port Credit for a close and exiting game... Congratulations!   Front (L to R): Quinton Turcotte (goalie), Keira Cotter, Sava Glavan, Joe Perks, Russell Sprigings, James Woodward-Caradonna. 2nd row (L to R): Jackson Ebbott, Thomas Johnson, Thomas Rogers, Liam Cassano, Jack Forrest. Back (L to R): Brendan Cotter (Trainer), Warren Sprigings (Head Coach), Marcus Turcotte (Goalie Coach). Not in photo: Bill Perks (Trainer), Steve Forrest (Assistant Coach), Manager (Marie Johnson).
Humber Valley Sharks Peewee A – Tournament Victory!
On Sunday December 29th, the Humber Valley Sharks Peewee"A" won the Silver Stick Vaughan Regional Championship.  The 3-day Tournament hosted 8 of the top teams from across the GTA.  The Sharks were victorious in the semi-final with a 2-0 win over the Toronto Aces.  The Sharks carried the momentum into the finals with a strong effort in the championship game to take down the previously undefeated Willowdale Blackhawks by a score of 4-2.     The Sharks will represent the GTA in the International Silver Stick in Port Huron Michigan on January 24 th  to 27 th  facing teams from across North America.  Front Row:  Andreas Kamnik (Goalie), Liam Strijckers (Goalie) 2nd Row:  Mitchell Tomlinson, Tyler Bochna, Matthew Dubois, Caleb Madrid, Holden Wallace, Pearson Whale, Lucas Mazer, Gabriel Fischer-Schmidt 3rd Row:  Hunter Sprigings, Julian Ezman, Brandon Sovran, Thomas Harbour, Hudson Thomson, Ben Scott, Grant Morrison, Jacob Lund Back Row:  Coaches – Rob Scott, Dave Wallace, Warren Sprigings Absent - Brendan Madigan
SELECTS Win Bradford Gwillimbury Tournament!
The Humber Valley TYKE SELECT Black Team win the Bradford Gwillimbury Tournament over the Jan 12th weekend. They beat Leaside 4 to 2 in the final game to take the championship trophy! Congratulations to all the players, team staff and parents for a great weekend! Front Row: Xander Velliaris, Mason Wallace, Joseph Favot, JJ Schlosser, Tyler Miocevich, Connor Looney, Kasen Peterson, Connor Castellarin. 2nd Row: Tyler O'Toole, Peter Kelly, Aiden O'Toole, Spencer Mackenzie, Luke Nickel, Luka Cenanovich. Coaches: Eddie O'Toole, Remi Nickel, Kevin Looney, Manager: Michelle Nickel.
Humber Valley Sharks take Humber Valley Select Tournament title!
The Humber Valley Sharks Novice Select team won the Humber Valley Select Tournament on January 20, 2013.  The team played a year up in the Minor Atom division and ended up the champions. The Sharks played five games during the three-day tournament, including three games on the final day, scoring over 30 goals and allowing only 3 goals. CONGRATULATIONS! Humber Valley goalies Scott Dionne and Gianluca Mastrangelo, played well all tournament. Other team members are Aaron Toguri, John McIntosh, Rowan Sullivan Warr, Liam Flatley, Chazz Ursini, Owen Brazel, Michael Kelly, Joseph Luca, Shamus Gallo, Matthew Schlosser, Kyle Kerrigan, Paolo Dinucci, Cameron McGregor, Marko Kornicer and Lachlan McConvey. The coach is Chris McConvey, assistant coaches are Pat Flatley and Sandy McGregor and the team manager is Pat Luca.
Humber Valley TYKE SELECT BLACK team win Leaside Invitational "A" Tournament!
They won again! The Tyke Select Black team beat North Toronto Red in the final 2-1 and went undefeated in the tournament - CONGRATULATIONS! Front Row: Aiden O’Toole, Luke Nickel,Tyler Miocevich, Luka Cenanovich, Spencer Mackenzie, Connor Castellarin Second Row: Connor Looney, Mason Wallace, Xander Velliaris, Kasen Peterson, Peter Kelly, Tyler O’Toole, JJ Schlosser, Joseph Favot Coaches: Kevin Looney, Eddie O’Toole, Remi Nickel and Special Thanks to Billy Velliaris Team Manager: Michelle Nickel
Humber Valley MIDGET SENIOR SELECTS Win Bradford Tournament! Feb 8-10, 2013
The Humber Valley Sharks won the Leaside Select Invitational Tournament in their Novice Division at the Leaside Arena held from Feb. 7-10. It was a close and exciting final game. They won in overtime against Leaside and the score was 4 - 3. Congratulations Sharks! Front Row left to right:  James Woodward-Caradonna, Frederic Girard, Liam Cassano, Sava Glavan, Julian Connell, Keira Cotter, Russell Sprigings & Goalie Quinton Turcotte. Middle Row left to right:  Alan Hastings, Thomas Johnson, Joe Perks, Jack Forrest, Thomas Rogers, Jackson Ebbott, Back Row Coaches left to right:  Marcus Turcotte (Goalie Coach), Brendan Cotter (Trainer), Warren Sprigings (Head Coach), Steve Forrest (Assistant Coach). Not in the picture: Bill Perks (Trainer), Manager (Marie Johnson).
Kraft Cup Winners! Minor Atom AA 2012-13
Minor Atom/Atom T4 Winners!