Frequently Asked Questions
Why am I asked for my birth date when filling in my main contact information? This is strictly for security purposes. Your birth date is used during the password recovery process. It is treated as confidential information and cannot be viewed by any administrator. It also allows you to register in the correct age division. I forgot my password. How do I find it? Click on the "Forgot Your Password?" link located on HCR opening page. You will be asked to complete a few simple questions to verify your identity. The password will be emailed to you. How will I receive my password if my email address has changes? You will have a chance to edit your email address during the Password Recovery process outlined above. Is there a way of changing my password?  Yes. You may edit your password by clicking on the "Change my ID/Password" link located on the right side of your profile. You may access your Profile by entering your existing ID and Password after clicking the Registration button on our website. What certification do I need to complete?  One parent of each Participant must complete the Respect in Sports for Parents. The instructions for this certification and link can be found at the lower end of the Registration page on this website. What documentation do I need to submit to HVHA?  All NEW players to HVHA need to email a copy of the player’s birth certificate... Email to I just received my credit card statement and there was an entry of "Humber Valley Hockey Association". Was this for registration? Yes Is there a way of printing my invoice after I have already registered? Yes. Go to, click the HCR logo, enter your ID and Password, and click the Receipt link located to the right of your name. I chose cheque payment when I registered. I have changed my mind, I would rather pay by online credit card. How do I do this? There is no way to adjust your original registration to change the payment type to online credit card. How will I know if my child has been accepted to play this year? It is important to note that ALL registrants will first go on a Pre-Registration list until all conditions of acceptance are met. The conditions of acceptance are as follows: All information provided, payment in full received, copy of birth certificate submitted for all new players. Mail the printed receipt along with your documents and payment to: HVHA, c/o S.Tiveron, 27 Tuscany Grande, Alliston, ON L9R 0E2
Which number do I use from the Birth Certificate? Use the number that starts with the actual year of birth (see below) When will I be contacted as to what team my child is on? Everyone should be contacted by the end of September. If you have not been contacted by this time, please email HVHA at and include your player’s name and year of birth. When does the hockey season start? House League hockey starts approximately end of September. How will I find out my child’s House League schedule? The schedule is not available until late September. The coach or team representative will contact you at that time. Please refer to the previous year’s schedule as we try to keep the same schedule from year to year. What documentation do I need if I want to coach? Previous GTHL "Speak-Out Harassment & Abuse Certification" or current GTHL "Respect In Sport" on-line certification and the Police Reference Check Program. (please click on the "Volunteer Requirements" tab above). Where do I volunteer to be a House League coach, trainer, manager, convenor, sponsor, executive member? You can pre-register in the On Line HCR system. Once the League Convenor has approved your position, you will be registered. I am moving to a new home. What address do I put on the form if we have not moved yet? Please use your current address when registering. Once you have moved re- enter the registration system using your Email and Password. Click on Change Account Information and change your address and telephone number. Also provide this information to your team coach. Can I obtain a Children’s Fitness Tax Credit Receipt? Yes, the on-line registration receipt is your official receipt and can be printed at any time. For Technical Support click on the HCR help link in the top right corner of the HCR program. For HVHA House League inquiries email 
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