House League:  Peewee Division
Peewee Division Final Playoff Standings Tie-Breaker Rules: If there is a tie in points after the round robin playoff games, the following tiebreakers will be used to break the tie: 1. Record against other tied teams (Head to Head against the other tied teams). 2. Most wins in the round robin playoff games. 3. Fewest goals allowed in round robin play. 4. Goals scored minus goals against in round robin play. 5. Fewest penalty minutes in round robin play. 6. Earliest goal scored in Round Robin game between the tied teams. 7. Flip of a coin. Example: First Tiebreaker (Head to Head) Example: If 3 teams are tied for 1st place with 4 points each and no one defeated the other 2 teams proceed to tiebreaker #2 Second Tiebreaker (Most Wins) If teams had the same amount of wins then proceed to tiebreaker #3 Third Tiebreaker (Fewest Goals allowed) Goals Allowed: Team #1: 3 GA, Team #2: 5 GA, and Team #3: 5 GA. Team #1 would be awarded 1st place due to the fewest goals allowed Forth Tiebreaker (Goals for – Goals against) Team #2 and Team #3 are still tied with 5 goals against then the next tiebreaker is plus/minus in which Team #2 would be awarded second place with a +7 vs Team # 3 with a +6. (In a 3- way tie when one team is awarded a position the remaining teams continue on with the tie breaking rules – Head to Head winner only matters if one or more team(s) has defeated other team(s) in the first tiebreaker. Fifth Tiebreaker (Fewest Penalty Minutes) Sixth Tiebreaker (Earliest Goal scored in Round Robin) Seventh Tiebreaker (Flip of Coin)