ABOUT HVHA:  Philosophy & Guiding Principles
Our Purpose To offer HVHA players fun, fitness and a positive environment in which to grow and develop positive values and life skills. Guiding Principles Sport is helpful in providing hockey players with a well balanced, constructive environment in which to grow, physically and emotionally. For all ages and levels of competition, personal growth and improvement through the positive influence of coaches and other adults is our singular objective; winning is de-emphasized. Competition exists only to provide the environment in which positive life skills can be taught. Fulfilling Our Purpose In order to fulfil our purpose: HVHA's Volunteer Administrators are responsible for: understanding, commiting to, monitoring and promoting our purpose and guiding principles to parents, players and especially coaches. HVHA Coaches are responsible for: providing a clear focus for the lasting influence they have on the life skills of each player creating a positive environment in which the physical, emotional and sociological needs of each and every player, both weak and strong, are met to the best of his or her ability helping players learn self-discipline, co-operation and support for teammates in the pursuit of their goals promoting participation, fun and improvement on a fair and equitable basis for all players and to de-emphasize the "need to win" concept among parents and players promoting good sportsmanship and assisting players to develop the concept of personal integrity forming a "partnership" among parents and players on each HVHA team to communicate and create an understanding of our purpose and guiding priciples (objectives) and, together, to establish the most positive environment for all concerned, especially the players Parents are responsible for: understanding the HVHA philosophy and assisting the coach in establishing the required positive and constructive environment through open and continuing communication Players are responsible for: listening, exhibiting consistent teammanship, making their best effort during all practices and games and for playing fairly, win or lose The Governing Body of the HVHA endorses the approach to hockey outlined in this document and encourages all volunteers, parents and players to actively support its successful continuance.
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