Resources:  Ken Dryden, HVHA and the Stanley Cup
KEN DRYDEN, HUMBER VALLEY and the STANLEY CUP! Ken was given a day with the CUP on Saturday, Oct 15-2011 at Central Arena. What   would   you   do   if   YOU    had   that   chance?   Who would   you   decide   had   meant   so   much   to   you   in winning   the   Cup   that   you   had   to   share   it   with   them?   For   Ken,   in   part,   his   answer   was   Humber   Valley. His    first    team    was    Humber    Valley,    at    age    7, when   he   played   on   one   of   our   first   two   teams, the   Islington   Hornets.   Every   year   of   his   minor hockey   he   played   with   Humber   Valley.   Later,   of course,   with   the   Montreal   Canadiens   he   won   6 Stanley   Cups   (in   8   years!),   the   Conn   Smythe, the   Calder   and   the   Vezina   trophies   (5   times!). And,   how   can   anyone   forget   Ken's   performance in   the   Canada-Russia   Series   in   1972!   But   it   all started right here at Humber Valley!
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