ABOUT HVHA:  Humber Valley Hockey
An Introduction
Humber Valley takes pride in being able to provide the opportunity for players to participate in various levels of hockey, consistent with each player's level of skill and interest. Our program includes House League hockey - a more or less recreational level of play - as well as Select and GTHL hockey, both of which are more highly competitive levels. For 45 year old and up there is the Murray Dryden Old-Timers division. Each of these divisions are briefly described below.
Primarily intended to provide players from 5 to 18 years old with the opportunity to play purely recreational hockey. There are no try-outs and all players receive an equal amount of ice time, without regard to ability or experience. Each player is assigned a team in the appropriate age division and all games are then scheduled against other Humber Valley teams within the same division. For more information or questions, please leave an email message and we will be pleased to contact you. House League hockey is the embodiment of the league's motto "Hockey for Fun and Fitness". For these 5 to 18 year olds, competition is meant to take a back seat to enjoyment. Hockey is, after all, a game.  Level of skill and length of experience have nothing to do with being able to play house league hockey; if you can register, you can play. Each player knows that he or she will enjoy equal ice time over the course of the season, and skills development proceeds at the individual player's pace. The season runs for 6 months, roughly October to March inclusive indoors, and outdoor practices starting early December. It is during these outdoor practices- especially in the younger divisions-that every parent with a pair of skates soon discovers that they have become assistant/assistant/assistant coaches. It is this body of parents who really form the lifeblood of the organization. There will always be children who want to play hockey. There will always be a core of coaches and volunteers, so in love with the game that they will go anywhere to be part of it. But the vast majority of the people who make this league work for our children are people who just want to do their small part to see that their children enjoy themselves in a safe and wholesome manner - people just like you.  If you have a child enrolled in the house league program, and if you're not presently involved beyond the fan level, then please join us. You'll find it's a toss-up as to who has the most fun - you or your child.
House League
Teams are made up of House League players and represent Humber Valley in competitive play against other hockey associations. Humber Valley Select teams play regularly in the North York Hockey League, as well as in various tournaments throughout the season. Select teams are, in effect, All-Star teams, comprised of House League players. Team members are chosen from the House League teams through try-outs, usually held in early September. Try-outs are open to all registered Humber Valley House League players. Players chosen for a Select team must continue to play for their House League team as well as their Select team. For more information or questions, please leave an email message and we will be pleased to contact you. Select hockey provides young players with an opportunity to play a more competitive and higher calibre hockey than is available -or desired - at the House League level. Players on Select teams play on their House League team as well. Selects is essentially an All-Star team made up of players from the various House League teams in their respective age divisions.  Select players are chosen through annual try-outs. There are increased demands on both the players and parents, in that players attend games and practices for both their House League and Select teams. There are also additional fees required, to assist in defraying the expenses associated with operating a Select team. Select hockey offers the player who is keen on developing his or her skills an opportunity to play with and against players at a similar skill level, in a challenging and competitive environment.  Humber Valley's Select teams play in the North York Hockey League. They also participate in a variety of tournaments, according to each team's determination. League games are played on North York ice, using NYHL officials, and the league provides a schedule allowing a minimum of one game per week, depending on the number of teams entered.
Humber Valley is represented by teams playing in the Greater Toronto Hockey League. GTHL hockey is geared toward the most serious and competitive players and begins at the Minor Atom (9 years old) level. The league assigns teams to one of three divisions based on the caliber of the team's play in prior years. The divisions are A, AA, and AAA; A the lowest, AA in the middle and AAA the most competitive. Humber Valley has teams in both the A and AA divisions. GTHL players are not permitted to play on a House League, Select or any other GTHL team. GTHL try-outs are held in the April each year for the following season starting in September. For more information or questions, please leave an email message and we will be pleased to contact you.
The Murray Dryden Old-Timer division is for 45 year old and over players. Many of the players participate as officials, coaches and assistants in the Humber Valley Hockey Association and have found the Old Timers division a natural and comfortable way to continue their individual hockey diversion. The late Murray Dryden was actively involved in our league, regularly attending our banquets and golf tournaments and providing us with updates on his organization, SLEEPING CHILDREN AROUND THE WORLD. The Old Timers division provides donations to S.C.A.W. It has been a fundamental mandate of this division to be active and helpful members of the Etobicoke community.
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